Simple Pleasures

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Being an adventurer doesn’t have to mean you sell everything you own and become a nomad.  Sure that is one model of lifestyle that can be appealing to some, but isn’t quite realistic for most folks.  One of the most important parts of being a Joyful Adventurer is to find joy in each day.  Sometimes, that can just involve some of life’s simple pleasures.


One thing I’ve learned after many many years of soul searching and trying things that didn’t work, is that really our greatest adventure is the life we have today.  After all, that is the ONLY thing we really have…NOW.  So I’ve learned that I need to think clearly about how I can feel good right now.  Often the first thing that I think of is having a cup of tea or coffee and just taking 10 minutes to enjoy it.

A Simple Pleasure can be and Adventure in your head.

A little project:

Create a simple pleasure that has an air of decadence.  Find a tea that is extra special and flavorful, get a special cup or mug that you only use for the occasion,  have a chair in a space that brings you joy and peace- maybe its a swing outdoors or a comfy chair in a nook that you decorate with your favorite things/photos, make a MOMENT of this simple pleasure.  Once you are in that moment, take a mental vacation to a place that would be considered an adventure for you.

One of the single most important things you can do is to find joy in the journey.  As Joyful Adventurers, we know that we can’t always be off and away, that we have responsibilities, jobs, people who need us.  So how can we still be adventurers in the confines of our every day lives?

At Joyful Adventures, we want to promote choices.  We want to inspire you to think outside the box and to take time to plan as many adventures as you can, but the size of those adventures can and should vary.  Sometimes, they should push the boundaries of what is normal, and sometimes you just need to fit in a mini adventure into your day.  The key is to work it into your life.   And remember the simple pleasures can be your adventure today.

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