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Pike's MarketWe just got back from a whirlwind trip to Seattle this past weekend.  We have been toying with the idea of moving up there and we wanted to take the first step in exploring the area to see if it feels like a fit for us.  We brought Gregory (my oldest son) and his girlfriend for the weekend.

I have to say that I really loved the city as well as the surrounding suburbs.  Sure it has its share of challenges (traffic) and there is a very real issue with Homeless people camping out all over, but I felt very at home there and could see settling down there for several years.

We arrived on Thursday night and went to our VRBO which was right in the center of the downtown area.  We could not have picked a better location to experience the city.    We settled in quickly then headed right back out to have some dinner.  Right downstairs we had an awesome choice in Von’s Gustobistro.  Between the drinks and the delicious food, we were very satisfied.   We walked around a bit but then we turned in for an early night.


Friday was a pretty chock full day.  I had to work so I got up early to get out for a run/walk around the Pike’s Market area.  After my workday ended we decided to go out exploring.  We went to Ivars, a staple in the seafood arena, on to the Seattle Ferris Wheel, Copperworks Distillery, and then on to Seaward for some easy hiking.  We met family at Brooklyn for dinner then Mark and I finished our night at a quiet bar.  Highlights definitely included Copperworks Distillery, where they make their own Vodka, Gin and Single Malt Whiskey.  I have to say they were all exceptional and we bought all three and had them shipped home.

Copperworks Distillery

Saturday was another jam packed day.  We went to Lowell’s Restaurant for breakfast (highly recommend the Dungeness Crab Omelett).  With water views and a lot of great choices, I would say it is worth trying.  Then we had a visit with friends who live on Bainbridge Island.  Wow was that wonderful!  I felt like I was in a fairy tale.  What a lovely place!  I would move there in a heart beat!  We got a great view of Seattle on the Ferry too.

Bainbridge Ferry

Space Needle FailWhen we got back we ATTEMPTED to go to the Space Needle, but take heed, if you go on the weekend, you will want to go early to get your ticket and typically you will have to wait at least an hour or so before your time on your ticket.  By the time we got there, the next available time was 6PM which would have been in the dark.  We didn’t think the steep price of admission was worth it for a night view.

Sunday we spent the day exploring the burbs.  We wanted to see a few of the outlying cities/towns.  I really liked Edmunds and Kirkland.  I think Redmond and Bellevue would be too big.

I’m excited to go back!



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