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This week, we are in Salt Lake City and we are having a blast!  This is my first time spending any time in SLC at any length and I was very pleasantly surprised.  My impression was that it was a more subdued town due to the Mormon Temple and what I envisioned were a lot of devout religious folks.  The Temple is actually quite impressive and I found that there is quite a lovely mix of various types of people and fun things to do and YES, you CAN actually buy alcohol here!

One thing I really like is that seems to be quite a lot of focus on health and nutrition – there is a Whole Foods, Natural Grocers, Trader Joes and a host of yoga and pilates places.

We stayed near the heart of the city, a couple of blocks from Liberty Park – a beautiful large park near downtown.  Every day we walked the dogs, and by “we” I mean Mark walked the dogs twice a day (I couldn’t bring myself to go out in the cold morning except on weekends.)  I DID go at night  and it was a really lovely walk.  The dogs loved the park and with the snow there was a lot of fun to be had.

The first weekend we were there, it snowed all day on Saturday!  It had been years since I’d seen it snow and it was SO awesome!  We took the peanut to Liberty Park for Sledding.  For being two blocks away it sure was a great choice!  See the video below:

And a Snow Angel is Born!

The next day we drove out to see the GREAT SALT LAKE at none other than The Great Salt Lake State Park. It was gray and hazy but it was neat to see nonetheless. I got a few nice photos. I imagine that if you are in Salt Lake City in the Summer you will be able to write an entirely different article so please share if you have a summer adventure here. These photos were neat though and of course, you can’t beat that sulphury smell of the lake!


The Great Salt Lake





The following weekend, we went out to the Sundance Film Festival, which will be an article all unto itself, and Park City. Check out that fun day here.

Otherwise, we went just outside the city to hike up into the mountains and got some hard core exercise with Moxie and saw some great views of the city. It is such a shame that Salt Lake City is one of the most polluted places in the country. I can only imagine how beautiful the view would be without the haze.


Here are a few shots from that hike:



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