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How to have the freedom for more Joyful Adventures!

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This is outside of the normal article I write.  I know you love to hear about our adventures, but today I want to talk about how to create more FREEDOM in your life to have those adventures.  Mr. M and I are definitely still in a situation where we need to have jobs.  And actually, in all fairness, jobs get a bad rap sometimes.  We both happen to like our work and don’t feel like we are missing the boat if we don’t run our own company right now.  Maybe one day, but for now, we have financial commitments that are met by our jobs and we are okay with that.

Not every is as lucky as we are and I want to share a resource with you that may help you to think outside the box a little.  Maybe you also like your work and don’t feel particularly entrepreneurial.  But maybe you will find an additional income stream or have an idea from reading what I’m about to share with you that will help improve your ability to live the life you really want.  Lifestyle is becoming more and more important to people as technology allows us to work remotely and to have different types of work than the factory workers of the past, or farming, hunting, gathering  – of our forefathers.

So I wanted to share one of my absolute favorite authors with you – James Altucher.  I think I learned of him through another person I follow, Lewis Howes and both James and Lewis have really great podcasts.   I’ve read the best selling Choose Yourself by James and it was really thought provoking and inspiring.

If you want to find more freedom in your life, James Altucher is a perfect person to follow.  He constantly writes about ideas on how to make more money, how to work for yourself, why jobs are going away (yikes!) and what you can do to prepare yourself for the future.  I am not one to worry much, but FYI my company did just lay off 64% of its US workers.  So whether we like our jobs or not, they may not be viable tomorrow.  I’m learning all I can from James to increase my freedom and to be ready for the shift in how we earn money that IS coming.

If you want to have more adventures, more freedom is what you need.  Check out this awesome book giveaway of the top 20 books James Altucher suggests you read.  I think they were already on my list that I keep in Evernote – but then I realized that probably most of those books were on my list because I listen to James’ podcast!  He’s the bomb and I recommend you go get yourself a big dose of inspiration!  Check out the book giveaway here.

Not to be a total fangirl, but here are the other places you can follow James as well.   You know I’m a die hard adventurer and I want you to be one too!

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