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2017 Sundance Adventure

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One thing you should know if you are going to be in the Salt Lake City in January is to make sure you plan to get into the Sundance Film Festival activities! We lucked out that we were in SLC during that time and while we didn’t get a pass for the entire festival (I might seriously consider it next year), we were able to go to one of the films that were being shown in the city. The film we settled on was “Nobody Speak“, which was about Gawker and its demise from the Hulk Hogan lawsuit. The movie was actually very thought provoking, raising issues of what is freedom of the press and what is or should be kept private whether one is a celebrity or not. Mark and I talked the whole evening after and that and well into the next day by text as we thought of new points we wanted to discuss.

Brian Knappenberger brought up some very serious concerns about wealthy folks who seem to be buying up the press in order to have power over what stories are told or NOT told as may be more of the case. Either way, it was very well done and a serendipitous activity for our Salt Lake City Adventure. You can keep an eye out for the release of the films to the general public. In the case of Nobody Speak, it looks like it will be on Netflix.

We actually went up to the Sundance Resort as well to have lunch at The Foundry Grill which was delightful. You can see my review on yelp here.








After the Sundance Resort we went hiking at Dutch Hollow Trail, which was spectacular and we found in a dog friendly hike book for Utah. See photos below.






We finished up with a pass through Park City which was super crowded. I had no idea just how big Park City was and how popular for skiing! I don’t think I would go there for skiing during the peak season unless I could park it in a resort and not have to drive. But the town is really quaint and just the quintessential mountain town.

Tuck this one away for a fun winter adventure along with the Sundance Film Festival or wait until summer for some beautiful vistas and lovely resorts and mountain town quaintness.

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